Frequently Asked Questions

Are you in-network with my insurance?

We accept most insurances. For your own insurance benefits please check with your insurance provider to see whether we are in network as well as what is covered by your insurance.

What is an annual exam?

Annual exams are preventative visits that include:
- head to toe examination
- filling of birth control or oral contraceptive medications
- preventative blood orders
- Additional items discussed outside of the scope of the annual you will also be billed in addition to the annual for an office visit
- To verify the specific benefits of your insurance plan we would recommend contacting your insurance directly

Why am I getting billed when I have insurance?

We submit your claim to the insurance company. After the insurance company processes, they decide what is paid and what is marked to the patient. Once we get the information from the insurance company ERA (Electronic Remittance Advice) we then collect from you according to your insurance companies’ advice as to what is marked toward patients’ responsibility.

Why am I being billed for my results review?

According to the insurance contracts. We can only bill for services provided that day. Services received after that day which includes text, portal, emails, phone calls, or visits would be billed separately based on AMA and CMS coding guidelines.

How much is my visit going to cost?

We can provide a cost estimate for services you receive. However, your bill will be in an estimated range. Ranges depend on the type of patient and type of visit. For example:
Medical Arts Associates tries to provide patients with accurate information on prices and estimated costs. But several things may affect pricing, including, but not limited to:
1. Timing. Prices can change at any time.
2. Other costs. There may be other services attached to the service that may not be included in this estimate. For example, some laboratories, tests, counseling and other professional fees.
3. Other services: Your health problem may need more services or care beyond what’s defined. For example, you may need extra time with the same doctor or specialist. Or you have a different medical problem than scheduled.
These averages do not include complex cases, for unique situations please contact the billing department.